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10 Things Seniors can do to keep the Mood and Smile intact

There are many studies that have shown how a person changes once he or she retires from a job or service. Here are some tips that could help uplift one’s mood.

The day gets dull and gloomy as the sun is about to set be it summer or winter. Normally we feel tired and listless at the end of the day. So it is with the sunset of our lives. Once we retire from service and are labeled senior citizen it takes a while to sync in as to what it really means. First thing is that one actually starts to enjoy the few benefits that senior citizens get, like some concession while travelling or a separate queue in the bank. But all this is short-lived and soon you start to feel alien to your own people and you start to feel people around you have change…. They have started behaving strangely towards you. In most cases however it is not true. It’s actually you who has changed.

There are many studies which have shown how a person changes once he or she retires from a job or service. This happens due to the void they feel after so many years of service and having lived a routine of going to office every morning at a fixed time. Suddenly there is nothing to do. One is not used to just being around at home. For the lack of anything constructive to do, one tends to put their nose into everyone else’s affairs.

The biggest mistake men make is when they try to help the wife run or manage the house which she has been doing smoothly and successfully for years. Or, as an experienced and a wise parent one tries to give advice to grown up children who may have been doing their own things since couple of years. This often leads to arguments disharmony and mood swings. One tends to get grumpy and moody. But don’t worry, with a little bit of effort you can do a lot to change your own mood and get yourself to feel happy, stay happy and have a positive approach to life.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your mood and smile intact and you will soon start radiating a positive energy around you. Some of the things may sound clichéd but they help lift your mood… so no harm trying.


Yes, it’s important and we have heard it ever too often. Indeed it helps us to stay fit and in good health, but it also enhances our spirit. If you are scared to try anything more rigorous, you can at least go for a walk. A nice long walk adds that little spring in your feet and brings a smile on your lips.  An outing in the garden makes you meet new people along the way. You will notice people smiling at you and before you realize you are smiling back. That itself elevates your mood.


While it’s nice to catch up with your long-term buddies, one can always make new friends. People you meet in the garden while you walk or when you sit on the bench are also probably free at that time like you, and would be happy to share a word or two. You never know you might meet some interesting strangers and hit it off really well with common interests.


Life takes as far and wide, from places we grew up in. School and college friends may be far
far away and you may not have met some of them in a long time. Never mind now is the time to reconnect. With Facebook and Google it’s not difficult to find people even from the remotest corner of the world. Send a message, or pick up the phone and call. Recall the bygone era. Gossip…. if you like and then see how your mood changes.


While you are free, family members may be occupied with their professional and other activities to plan a trip with you. There are options you can work on.
a)  Find out when your near and dear can take time out, when and where they would like to go and you take the initiative to work out everything along with itinerary detail, this will keep you occupied and others will not be stressed. Or make plans for a family get together or surprise birthday party for an approaching birthday or other occasion.
b) Alternatively, you could plan a trip by yourself in an organized tour with a group of like-minded people.
c) And the least you can do is plan a trip to meet up with your old friends something like a batch or class reunion. Believe me you will start to feel young and energetic.


That’s something one can always do by themselves even if you can’t find company. Visit places in your city like heritage buildings, art galleries, museums, malls, maybe even the zoo. When was the last time you went out seeing places in your city? An outing can do wonders to your mood. Even if it’s too cold or hot for you or you are too old to go out alone you can always watch a movie of your choice in the comfort of your home…. switch on the AC, grab a healthy snack and you are ready to go ……… change your mood.


Sugar and spice is not all that nice anymore. It goes without saying eating on time and avoiding heavy fried foods leaves your gut feeling good prevents you from feelings sluggish and lethargic. Stick to fresh homemade food, have lots of fresh green vegetables, fruits, fruits juices and soups. The exotic colours of various fresh fruits and vegetables and the fragrance of fruits and herbs will excite your senses. Nuts too you can give you much needed energy boosting nutrients.


We all like to hear some music. When was the last time you heard something you like? First make a list of all your favorites, source them if you don’t have them already. YouTube can be quite the help if everything else fails. This is one time you may not need anyone’s company. Lock yourself in your room, play aloud the song you like, sing along and dance if you feel like. No one is watching. You will start feeling 20 years younger!


It is never too late to learn something. Everyday there are new things happening around us.  You can pick up a game you like, play a good board game …. not necessarily something which requires physical activity, you could join music lessons or you could learn a new language. Anything, anything that you have not done so far.


Read a book, maybe a mystery or a biography this will keep you hooked and engaged.


It helps you sleep better and wake up fresh and recharged. What is meditation?
It means to relax while your mind is still alert meaning you are not sleeping. There are books and many videos which will help you learn to meditate. Meditation helps calm your mind and relax your body.

To sum it all, do things you will look forward to doing, take up gardening, keep a pet, anything that pleases you. CHEER UP.

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