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10 Foods to Naturally Boost Energy

Here are some foods that can give you a natural boost of vitality!

The early morning cuppa tea or coffee surely makes an easy fix to kickstart your day. And only after a couple of hours the initial caffeine kick slowly wears off and one begins to feel foggy and sluggish until the next round of tea or coffee. You may also begin to feel low in energy especially if the beverage has refined sugar in it. 

Feeling energetic helps you get done with a lot of things. When your energy levels are high for a longer time, you are prone to being more productive, happier and will have a positive outlook towards life.  

If you are a coffee drinker or are looking for ways to switch the habit of drinking coffee (though black with no sugar is great for you), with other foods that help replicate a similar energy kick. While there is a variety of food that is energy-boosting, mentioned below are the ones that may give you better and faster results in terms of improved energy levels.

Here are 10 foods that help boost your energy throughout the day:


Brown rice 1. Brown rice 

Compared to white rice, brown rice is more nutritious. It is less processed and retains fibre, vitamins and minerals. The fibre provides a portion of manganese – a mineral, that helps break down protein and carbs to produce energy. Brown rice also has a low glycaemic index, that helps regulate blood sugar levels and boosts energy all day long. 


Eggs2. Eggs 

The best way to start your day is with eggs. Eggs for breakfast will provide the energy one requires for the day. Egg whites are packed with protein that gives one a steady and sustained energy flow. It is also abundant in amino acids, which helps stimulate energy production in the body. Amino acid helps take in blood sugar, break down fats and produce energy. Eggs are a rich source of vitamin B, that helps in the process of turning food into energy.


Red apples 3. Apples

Apples are the one of the popular fruits that are a good source of carbs and fibre. An apple contains approximately around 12-14 grams of carbs, up to 2 grams of fibre and 10-12 grams of sugar. Because of the rich sugar and fibre content apples provide a slow energy release that keeps one energised the entire day. It is also a powerhouse of antioxidants that help slow down digestion that helps keep the energy flow sustained for longer. It is recommended that one should eat apples along with the skin to gain the benefits of the fibre present in the skin.


Dark chocolate4. Dark chocolate 

Difference between milk and dark chocolate is that dark chocolate contains a higher amount of cocoa. Cocoa is packed with antioxidants and helps improve blood circulation. This increased flow of blood effectively delivers oxygen to the brain and muscles that improves body functions. It also helps reduce mental tiredness and uplifts mood. It contains stimulatory properties that help destress and enhances mood.


Quinoa - Seniors Today Health Update5. Quinoa 

A popular seed that is rich in protein, carbs, dietary fibre and nutrients. This superfood even though high in carbs, it has a low glycaemic index. Due to its low glycaemic index its carbs are absorbed slowly and provide sustained energy release. Quinoa is also rich in manganese, magnesium and folate. If you are thinking to opt for a filling gluten free option, quinoa would make a great addition to your diet.


Banana6. Banana

A fruit that is the perfect energy food. It is rich in potassium, fibre, and packed with natural sugars such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose, that instantly give your body that energy boost. The energy released after having a banana sustains for hours and since it is high in fibre it improves gut health and improves metabolism. And when you have a faster metabolism, you feel more energetic and lighter.  


Lemonade with fresh lemon on wooden background7. Lemon water 

Simply adding fresh lemon juice to the water on a hot summer day will not only quench your thirst but will also help re energise for the day. Lemon is a powerhouse of vitamin C and is packed with electrolytes, that is essential for energy production. It not only produces energy but also keeps one hydrated. People who enjoy lemonade during the day are less prone to feeling fatigued by afternoon. 


Nuts 8. Nuts 

A handful of nuts is a great way to gain some energy. Nuts make a great nutrient packed snack that boosts energy. Almond, walnut, cashews are all abundant in carbs, fatty and protein, hence it is recommended to consume nuts in moderation to gain the benefits. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and is a source of antioxidants that increases energy and eases inflammation and prevents fatigue. Nuts are also rich in fibre that provides a steady energy boost. It also contains nutrients such as vitamin E, B, manganese and iron that help in energy production.   


Orange fruit with orange slices and leaves isolated on white background.9. Oranges 

The powerhouse of vitamin C content. Oranges makes a versatile citrus fruit, every part of it can be put to use – to make candies from the peel, or marmalades, or orange dipped in dark chocolate as a snack or as a dessert. It contains antioxidant compounds that protects against oxidative stress – stress that promotes feelings of fatigue. Therefore, consuming oranges help decrease fatigue. Sugar present in orange helps improve physical movements and eases muscle fatigue. 



Green Tea - Senirors Today Health Update10. Green Tea 

An alternative way to kickstart your day or to re energize yourself in the middle of the day. Green tea is high in antioxidants and helps prevent fatigue and has anti-inflammatory properties. It contains caffeine that helps increase your energy levels. It helps soothe anxiety and helps promote a smoother boost of energy. A cup of green tea anytime of the day would be a good energy booster as it uplifts mood, decreases fatigue. 


When you eat food that is packed with “good” carbs, high fibre and protein, it releases energy and helps increase your stamina. 

There is an abundance of foods that are rich in energy-boosting properties, so choose wisely!


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